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The XWALK Papers; 

#X3. Special Report Stephen Hawking's Universe Implodes
"Irreversibility in the Direction of Time" has been questioned with 3 documented cases of apparent massive time reversals
By Guy Cramer

new #X163. Recent vaping deaths and severe lung damage may have links to Teflon and PTFE Part 3 of 3
Vaping has become increasingly popular in young adults and teens.but hundreds of recent hospitalizations and 7 deaths have the medical community and the CDC puzzeled
By Guy Cramer

new #X162. At War with Teflon Part 2 of 3
The Gulf War Syndrom may be tied to allied use of Teflon and PTFE in their explosives, bombs, flares and tracer bullets.
By Guy Cramer

new #X161. PTFE Free Part 1 of 3
Why do Polar Bears in the Arctic have traces of a byproduct of manmade Teflon in their blood?
By Guy Cramer

 #X160. Is HAARP responsible for recent worldwide Jellyfish Blooms?
Is this new U.S. Defense program inadvertently causing unprecedented Jellyfish population explosions in the oceans?
By Guy Cramer

 #X159. Daniel 9:24 Equation Solved
The solution to Daniel 9:24 has been obscured for the past 2,600 years.
By Guy Cramer

 #X158. Desolations of Jerusalem
Is there a prophecy which explains this period.
By Guy Cramer

 #X157. Biblical Error by two bible authors calling Nebuchadnezzar a King before he became King.
The accuracy of the Bible comes into question again.
By Guy Cramer

 #X156. HAARP Transmissions May Accidentally be Jamming Bees Homing Ability
Colony Collapse Disorder linked to HAARP
By Guy Cramer

 #X155. Wild Blue Yonder
San Francisco Photos indicate Shuttle Columbia was struck by Hyper-Lightning on Reentry
By Guy Cramer

 #X154. Future Lunar Based Observatory Site Protected
Located at the exact middle of the opposite side of the moon the base may one day become home to the most powerful telescopic, radio, gamma ray… observatories in human history.
By Guy Cramer

 #X153. Tidal Quake: South Asian Tsunami likely caused by unique tidal forces
This tug of war on our tides between the Sun and the Moon was stronger between the two at this point and may have contributed to the extra stress to trigger the large quake. 
By Guy Cramer

 #X152. There’s Helium-3 in them there Moon hills!
Moon can be mined for abundant Helium-3 to be used in Fusion Reactors on Earth and Space.
By Guy Cramer

 #X151. Large areas of Mars now protected from future commercialization
"We support the effort to protect these Martian areas and by virtue of 'owership' via the Universal Mineral Leases Registry (UMLR), we are designating the areas as "preserves". This effort constitutes the first-of-a-kind "Extraterrestrial Nature Preserve" established by human beings and sanctioned by the owners of the mineral rights located in the Mars regions. Furthermore we have obtained the mineral rights for a large Lunar area surrounding the Apollo 11 landing site and designated this area as a "World Heritage Site" which will allow our (VIP casinos are the place to be if you consider yourself a VIP.) future space fairing decedents the opportunity to see this site as it remains on the timeless lunar soil of our first astronauts landing on another celestial body" ROC team (Dr. Joseph Resnick, Dr. Timothy R. O'Neill, Guy Cramer)
By Guy Cramer

 #X150. Evidence of Price Fixing by Oil Companies?
The Oil Companies continue with the practice of what appears to be Price Fixing and Collusion with weekly trends
By Guy Cramer

 #X149. Oil Companies and justifying rising Gasoline prices just Smoke and Mirrors
So the Oil companies have kept pace with the percentage increase of crude oil, I guess we shouldn’t be upset about this, right? Wrong!
By Guy Cramer

 #X148. Ionization Resurrects The Shroud of Turin (Part 2)
Ion Science explains the enduring mysteries of the Shroud of Turin
By Guy Cramer

#X147 The Unseen Burden of The Passion of The Christ
“I’ll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross”
By Guy Cramer

#X146 Shuttle Columbia Disaster: Wrong Place, Wrong Time! (Updated April 28, 29, May 1, May 3 & May 10, 2003)
Shuttle's demise linked to an unexpected interaction of Astrophysics, Geophysics, Electrophysics and just bad timing.
By Guy Cramer

#X145 James, Brother of Jesus, provides our first archeological evidence of Jesus!
A burial box has been found with the inscription on the side reading "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus" chiseled in Aramaic.
By Guy Cramer

#X144 Who is the Morning Star?
Both Satan and Jesus are described the same way in the Bible!
By Guy Cramer

#X143 Police Chevrolet Impala Steering can lockup while driving at any speed.
Subjective estimates could mean that more than 1 out of 1000 Impala police cars will at some point have the steering lock up at any speed and without warning.
By Guy Cramer

#X142 GM Vehicles Steering Locks While Driving.
5 makes and 22 models may be affected, GM denies knowledge of safety problem with apparent defective rack and pinion.

By Guy Cramer

#X141 Dinosaur Extinction: Equilibrium Shattered from Asteroid Impact
A new theory about the Dinosaur Extinction that explains what previous theories could not determine; why other animals and reptiles survived.

By Guy Cramer

#X140 Was Noah's Flood Local or Global
On one side, skeptics point to the "global flood" of Noah as a reason not to trust the Bible.  No consistent evidences exist for such a flood.  In fact, the evidence is against such a flood.

By Darrick Dean

#X139 Genesis 1:2 Confirmed by Zircon an Imitation Diamond
Most geologists believed that the early Earth surface was a molten mass for the first few hundred million years. The Zircon tells a different story as it was formed just 160 million years after the Earth itself

By Guy Cramer

#X138 Should we Teach Reasonable Science or Naturalism or Creationism?
Which dogmatic religious beliefs should we let in the classroom.

By Darrick Dean

#X137 The Theory of Creation - An Analysis of the Biblical Creation Story
If we were to disregard divine inspiration, we could not begin to explain how an author living so long ago could have acquired such knowledge.

By Jim Schicatano

#X136 Book Review: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
The fact of the matter is, Harry Potter is a fun story of adventure and action reminiscent of books like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis).
By Len DenBraber 

#X135 HAARP array may use Moon as a reflector to reach distant targets on Earth to create Nuclear-Sized Explosions Without Radiation!
It should be pointed out that geophysics warfare weapons such as HAARP are making nuclear retaliation obsolete.
By Guy Cramer

#X133 HAARP Defensive Economic Warfare
US technology capable of manipulating the Ion Ratios to change human behavior.
By Guy Cramer

#X132 The Fourth Dimension of Time
Traveling Backwards in Time could become a Reality
By Guy Cramer

#X131 Dinosaur Birds Unearthed in Genesis
Answers for one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible: Why does the Bible not mention the Dinosaurs in Genesis?
By Guy Cramer

#X130 Supernatural Quintessence
Quintessence, the gas pedal of the Universe.
By Guy Cramer

#X129. Ions Threaten Stock Market Fundamentals 
Information from 1934 reveals Supercharged Stock Market.
By Guy Cramer

#X128. Was Jesus Black? 
Shattering the common perceptions of Jesus' Physical appearance.
By Guy Cramer

#X127. 24% of the U.S. Presidential Vote swayed by the Full Moon effect. 
Is it possible that something as mysterious and uncontrollable as the Full Moon can affect the way people vote?.

#X126. Why doesn't God show Himself to all Non-believers? 
There are still rare appearances, here is one recent personal example.
By Guy Cramer

#X124. Six Month Review of SuperForce.com
Can this site forecast with some accuracy the Stock Market performance ahead of time?
By Guy Cramer

#X124. World's First Trillionaire?
I've had a number of brokers tell me that no analyst n the world can come close to this accuracy

#X123. Israel's Mirrored History
Were the Events of the Holocaust and Hilter foretold in the Bible?
By Guy Cramer

#X122. Age Old Tale or Genuine Old Age
An engineer plots the Genesis (post flood) long life spans and discovers an exponential decay rate
By Pete Lam

#X121. Genetic Accounting
Human and Chimpanzee differ in our Genetic Material by only 2%
By Guy Cramer

#X120. Genetic Rainbow
Noah's Ark long thought to just be a myth finds credibility with recent Genetic Studies
By Guy Cramer

#X119. The Withered Fig Tree
Is it likely that anyone would expect fig trees to be bearing in the spring?
By Guy Cramer

#X118. Did you hear what happened to Saul
One of the most influential testimonies to Christianity was when Saul of Tarsus, perhaps Christianity's most rabid antagonist, became the Apostle Paul.
By Josh McDowell

#X117. Isaiah's Sundial & Joshua's Long Day
Orbital Mechanics 101: Factoring the Creator into the equation
By Guy Cramer

#X116. 360 vs. 365
360 Day Years - Fact or Fiction
By Guy Cramer

#X115. An Exception to the Rule
An Exception to God's Limit on Mans Years.
By Guy Cramer

#X114. The Crutches of Atheism
Putting the Genesis (beginning) of Life into perspective.
By Guy Cramer

#X113. God's Limit on Mans Years
Why were there people who lived longer than 120 years after the flood?
By Guy Cramer

#X112. Noah's Years; a Discrepancy
How do we account for the two years after the flood?
By Guy Cramer

#X111. The Ascension, Resurrection, Flesh and Bone
Questions arise from the latest paper Cleaning the Feet of Jesus.
By Guy Cramer

#X110. Cleaning the Feet of Jesus
On the surface this topic may seem trivial, it turns out to be anything but;
By Guy Cramer

#X109. Daniel 9:25 Is it a Trench or Wall?
If Daniel 9:25 is speaking of a trench and not a wall, then the command to Nehemiah cannot be used as the starting point.
By Dr. James Price & Guy Cramer

#X108. Acrostic Code Failure
Another Broken Code
By Joel Steinke

#X107. The Root and The Offspring of David
One of the most curious titles associated with Jesus is one that He chose to use.
By Phil Luna

#X106. Closing the Bible Codes
Final Questions and Answers on The Bible Code Phenomenon.
By Guy Cramer and Jerry Brown

#X105. Code Breaker
New Evidence; Will it Make or Break the Bible Codes?
By Guy Cramer

#X104. The Origin of Information
Would a DNA molecule that arose by chance possess any information, codes, programs, or instructions?
By Mark Eastman, M.D. and Chuck Missler

#X103. The Origin of Life and The Suppression of Truth
Despite incredible odds, and seemingly insurmountable problems, spontaneous generation is taught as a fact from grammar school to university.
By Mark Eastman, M.D. and Chuck Missler

#X102. The Lineage Loophole
Mary should be disqualified to transfer the rights of her lineage to her son Jesus, except for a little known exception to the rule.
By Phil Luna

#X101. David and Goliath, Fact or Fiction?
There are a number of small details or coincidences in this biblical story that provide very strong proof that it is a genuine account.
By Grant Jeffrey

#X100. Dueling Genealogies
Why are there two different genealogies for Jesus? Part of the answer solves another prophecy.
By Dr. Henrietta Mears and Guy Cramer

#X98. Lucifer's Limitations
It is true that Satan is powerful, but he is not omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (infinite knowledge), and omnipresent (present in all places at the same time).
By Guy Cramer

#X97. The Paradise Paradox
Did Jesus go to Heaven when he died on the cRoss?
By Guy Cramer

#X96. Demise of the "Birds are Dinosaurs" Theory (Part 2)
This second study show the theropod dinosaurs did not possess the correct skeletal structure or lung structure to have evolved into birds.
By Richard Deem, M.Sc.

#X94. The 360 Day Prophetic Year of the Bible
The truth about the biblical 360 day year as mentioned by Sir Isaac Newton was quoted by Sir Robert Anderson
By Grant Jeffrey

#X93. An Adulteress Faces Jesus; a Christian forgery?
JOHN 7:53-8:11 was it written in the 6th century?
By Guy Cramer

#X92. Demise of the "Birds are Dinosaurs" Theory
The really difficult problem for the evolutionists is that the supposed link between the dinosaurs and birds is now all but gone
By Richard Deem, M.Sc.

#X88. A Decree or Not a Decree; Daniel 9:25
As the atheists point out, this "letter" from the King can hardly be called a decree.
By Guy Cramer

#X87. Confirming the Prophetic Date of 445 B.C
Can we confirm the start date for the prophecy which calculates the date on which Jesus presented himself as Messiah.
By Chuck Missler

#X86. Confirming The Exile Prophecies of 606 B.C. and 587 B.C.
The dates and chronology for two separate prophecies that began 25 centuries ago, which have been fulfilled in modern times?
By Guy Cramer

#X85. Isn't There Some Other Way?
Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, No one comes to the Father except through Me."
By Josh McDowell

#X84. The Bride of Christ?
Many people do not understand the great significance between Christ as the groom and we (the church) the bride.
By Roger Farrah

#X83. Ezekiel Prophesied the 1967 Recapture of Jerusalem
Prophecies of Israel's Independence in 1948 and The Six Day War of 1967
By Guy Cramer

#X82. Leviticus: The Biblical Speed Bump
The book of Leviticus is painstakingly ritual, however, strikingly similar to the procedures surrounding nuclear technology.
Forward by Guy Cramer

#X81. Contacted
Science discovers an extraterrestrial message from outside our time domain.
By Guy Cramer

#X80. Statistical Significance Discovered in The Yeshua Codes
A response to the paper - Jesus Codes: Uses and Abuses
By Guy Cramer and Lori Eldridge

#X78. Atheists Charge; "What about the thousands who have been killed in the name of religion?"
I have seen outraged students or faculty members waiting with predatorial glee to pounce upon religion, eager to make this oft-repeated but ill-understood charge.
By Ravi Zacharias

#X77. One small step for God, One Giant Leap for the Antitheist
The universe displays design with exactitude demanded in every detail that antitheistic thinkers are hard pressed to explain.
By Dr. John Polkinghorne

#X76. The Atheists Challenge; "There is to much evil in this world; therefore, there cannot be a God."
Questions and answers taken from the Veritas lectures at Harvard University
By Ravi Zacharias

#X75. Joshua and The Day the Sun Stood Still
Do you really believe that? You ve got to be kidding!
By Chuck Missler

#X74. Yehoshua, Yeshua or Yeshu; Which one is the name of Jesus in Hebrew?
There is a great deal that depends on this simple question.
By Dr. James D. Price

#X73. What is a Christian?
It is clear that a person who becomes a Christian doesn't suddenly develop into a super-species.
By Roger Langlois

#X71. Why Did Israel Reject Jesus as Their Messiah?
The Jews are still looking for their Messiah to come.
By Grant Jeffrey

#X70. The Great Messianic Prophecy of Moses
This prophecy of Moses that the Messiah would be like him is important to Israel in determining the credentials of the Messiah
By Grant Jeffrey

#X69. Atheism Hits a Brick Wall: The First Law of Thermodynamics
The First Law of Thermodynamics has enormous implications regarding the origin of matter in our universe.
By Chuck Missler

#X68. What Day of the Week was Christ Crucified?
New insights into the days surrounding the crucifixion of Christ.
By Lori Eldridge

#X67. The Mystery of the Red Heifer Sacrifice
A link discovered between Jesus and the Red Heifer sacrifice.
By Grant Jeffrey

#X66. A Genetic Trace is Found Linking Kohanim Worldwide
The Bible claimed they were all descended from Aaron.
By Grant Jeffrey

#X65. Christ's Sacrifice, hidden in the very word "Torah"
The word "Torah" is translated "law". Much is lost in the translation.
By Mark Harpt

#X64. Cloning the Red Heifer
An exact duplicate red heifer(s) can be produced at any time. The timetable for the temple may not be the year 2000. With cloning any time after the year 2000 is possible.
By Guy Cramer

#X63. Ashes of the Red Heifer
The birth of a red heifer in Israel is being hailed by religious Jews as a sign from God that work can soon begin on building the Third temple in Jerusalem.
By Stephen Yulish Ph.D.

#X59. God Displays His Transcendence of Time, Again.
Mathematics, Science, History, and Fulfilled Prophecy combine to give New meaning for Christmas Day and the End of the Second Millennium
By Guy Cramer

#X56. Cosmology Rediscovered
References to Time, Space and Matter from an Extraterrestrial Source.
By Chuck Missler

#X55. A Mathematical Error with the Bible?
I do not understand this...how can one take into account the leap years and the other not?
By Guy Cramer

#X53. Angels: God's Secret Agents
In the midst of a world in crisis, the subject of angels will be of great comfort and inspiration to believers in God - and a challenge to unbelievers to believe.
By Billy Graham

#X51. The Astonishing Pattern of SEVENS in Genesis 1:1
Harvard mathematicians were unable to come close to incorporating 30 mathematical multiples of 7 as found in the Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1.
By Grant R Jeffrey

#X49 A Sign in the Heavens
Pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope allow us a view from the past and maybe one from the future.
By Guy Cramer

#X48. The Martyrdom of the Apostles
None of these men who spent time with Jesus chose to save their lives by denying their faith in Him.
By Grant R Jeffrey

#X44. Genesis 1:1 refers to God as a plural Being
He is clearly One God, yet He manifests Himself in more than on distinct personage - something totally compatible with the Christian concept of the Trinity
By Chuck Missler

#X43. Revelation in our Generation?
Evidence from Prophecies Fulfilled in our Generation
By Grant R Jeffrey

#X41. Until Shiloh Comes
In the 49th chapter of the book of Genesis there is another specific prophecy regarding the time of the Messiah's coming.
By Chuck Missler

#X40. Ionization Resurrects The Shroud of Turin
Ion Science explains the enduring mysteries of the Shroud of Turin
By Guy Cramer

#X32. The Epitaph on the CRoss of Yeshua
When Jesus was crucified, Pilate wrote the sign that was nailed to the cRoss. There are some interesting aspects to this incident that are not apparent in our English translations.
By Chuck Missler

#X30. The Messiah Revealed, Yeshua (Jesus) In the First Covenant
A detailed look at the name Yeshua (Jesus) (Encoded in the Old Testament)
By Yakov Rambsel

#X29. The Yeshua Codes
Yeshua (Jesus) Is My Name (Encoded in the Old Testament)
By Grant R Jeffrey

#X28. The Mysterious Hebrew Codes
These scientific conclusions didn't just rock the boat of the scientific community, they capsized it.
By Grant R Jeffrey

#X27. Gods Precise Mathematical Equation; Ezekiel Prophesied Israel's 1948 Rebirth
An examination of one of the most incredible of the thousands of Old Testament prophecies that actually predicted that rebirth of Israel in 1948.
By Grant R Jeffrey

#X26. PI in the Bible
The difference between this Biblical mathematical code and PI is 0.0000832 which is only an error of 0.00026%.
By Jochen Katz

#X25. Super Computers Discover Mathematically Coded Words in the Bible
In 1982 a real breakthrough occurred when computers were used to examine the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament)
By Chuck Missler

#X23. The Unexpected King, (A Precise Mathematical Prediction)
The Triumphal Entry involves one of the most astonishing passages in the entire Bible!
By Chuck Missler

#X20. Archaeologists, Geologists and Geophysicists Discover Noah's Ark or Geological Formation?
The remote site contains a buried, ship like object, resting at an altitude of 7546 ft.

#X15. A Hidden Message; The Gospel in Genesis
We frequently use the familiar term, gospel, or good news. Where is the first place it appears in the Bible? The answer may surprise you.
By Chuck Missler

#X13. Prophecies; Beyond Reasonable Doubt?
The key discovery: that the Bible, although penned by 40 authors over several thousand years, are; an integrated message system; have their origin from outside our time domain

#X9. Mathematical Codes Found in The Bible; Part 1
The numerical structure of the Bible has been studied closely. But none are more provocative then the works of Dr. Ivan Panin.

 #X3. Special Report
By Guy Cramer

#X2. Y2K: What a waste of time and money, Or was it?
"Why did the world spend billions on a problem that didn't even exist?
By Guy Cramer

#X161. Under Construction Hard Hat Area

An Honest Person Alters Their Ideas To Fit The Truth.
A Dishonest Person Alters The Truth To Fit Their Ideas.

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