Press Release: March 24, 2000

World's First Trillionaire?

Vancouver, B.C. March 24, 2000 (Internet News Bureau)-- In the last six years Guy Cramer could have easily surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. I know of Bill Gates but who's Guy Cramer you ask? In 1993 Guy Cramer discovered a number of mathematical algorithms (calculations) that allows him to accurately forecast Stock Market Indexes which he is now posting free at http://www.superforce.com .

"It would have been easier to convince people if I had used this information in the past few years and made hundreds of billions for myself," says Cramer. "People listen to billionaires, however, it's only taken a few days to convince people when they can come back to the web site and verify that the same forecast made prior to each week is being applied to the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500 and TSE 300 Stock Markets Indexes at the end of the week."

Unlike some of the forecasting firms on the net, Cramer actually takes the same forecast he made, mistakes and all, then applies the weeks data for the stock markets to show how accurate it is. All achieved data is easily accessible on the site. "Stock Brokers following this are baffled that it doesn't take into account any market factors!" explained Cramer.

"It's not the market that controls the direction, but human behavior. The failure of the multi-billion dollar hedge fund through Long Term Capital Management a few short years ago was that they couldn't predict human behavior. Their mathematical theories collided with reality." Cramer's forecast is based solely on human behavior.

How can you forecast Human behavior? "Every police officer, doctor, and nurse I've talked to confirms that the Full Moon makes people a little off their norm. When I discovered that the Full Moon changes the ion ratio in the air you breathe I began looking for other ion ratio patterns." Ions can be negative, neutral or positive. Research studies around the world had shown that negative ions are beneficial and positive ions are detrimental. Right now you're breathing in thousands of ions with every breath, the imbalances between negative and positive ions triggers hormones and in turn changes human behavior. With 75% of the population affected the same way, Cramer looked for mass correlations.

The stock market indexes were the place to look. The forecast is based on a series of complex repeating astrophysics and geophysics cycles. "I've had a number of brokers tell me that no analyst in the world can come close to the accuracy found on SuperForce.com," continues Cramer.

The question everyone is asking: why isn't Cramer the richest man in the world? "The forecast also works with Migraine headaches, Asthma, Road Rage, Depression, Diabetes... I'm also a Christian and didn't feel right in using this for only my benefit," explained Cramer.

In these days where money usually overrides morals and ethics, Cramer might just be wiser than you think; his wealth is his morals and ethics. The Ion Ratio forecast is posted weekly at http://www.superforce.com

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