Age Old Tale or Genuine Old Age

By Pete Lam

Genesis (post flood) long life spans display an exponential decay rate.

Being an engineer I was curious to know what the trend of the life spans looked like so I found a graph of the life spans of 23 persons mention in the order of their age. Of course the data point for Enoch should be ignored since he never died (see enclosure 1).

Notice how fast the length of the life spans drop after the flood. Knowing that in "nature" things usually grow or decay in a "natural" log or exponential relationship I decided to graph the post flood life spans in a semi-log plot and overlay it with an exponential curve fit of the data. The fit came in very close with a coefficient of determination of 0.877 (see enclosure 2).

As you probably already know the coefficient ranges between 0 and 1 with 1 being a perfect fit. This would seem to support that the life spans as given in the Bible are genuine. If it was made up it would be unlikely that the given life spans would show an exponential decay because the knowledge of this mathematical function and it's prevalence in nature or the ability to calculate it was not available at that time. This also gives support for the story of flood since it appears to be the event that some how shortens the life spans?

Pete Lam has Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University and currently working in the area of radiation effects on electronics.

Reference used for long life spans of the 23 persons can be found at #X113, God's Limit on Mans Years

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