High Speed Tumbleweed Productions

Sites developed by HST Productions:

  • Big Bear Tools Inc. High Quality Professional Tools
  • Jupiter Films "Little Brother of War" Movie Site

  • P4i P4i: Physical, Physiological and Psychological Prediction Intelligence. 

  • SpecIntel.com International Special Intelligence Service Corp

  • PoliceOps.com Advanced warning of high volume, high volatility days for Police  and Concept Products being developed for Law Enforcement officers.

  • BearFighter.com Stock Market forecasts derived from mathematical science techniques. 

  • DreamWorks-Movies.com DreamWorks Pictures (This site was Purchased by DreamWorks SKG in early 2001), This link is to a backup of the page before DreamWorks purchased it.

  • NasdaqPublic.com BLACK INK Business Consultants International Corp.

  • SuperForce.com SuperForce Ion Ratio Forecast Web site (Over 240,000 hits).

  • United Dynamics Corp. United Dynamics Corporation Web site

  • Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. HYPERSTEALTH Biotechnology Corporation Web site

  • S.A.S. Op-Center Intriguing Information

  • Hands of Divaad Virtual Gallery of Animal Wood Sculptures

  • XWALK.CA Over 430,000 individual visitors

  • XWALK.CA Voted as one of the best sites on the Internet

  • Project AIR (Atmospheric Ion Research) Applauded by some in the scientific and medical community as a great source of valuable information.

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