By Guy Cramer

Science discovers an extraterrestrial message from outside our time domain.

The recent movie "Contact" based on the book by Carl Sagan takes a fictional look at how we might expect to discover a message from an extraterrestrial source, how would they contact us? Both the book and movie have many philosophical and theological pronouncements.

One interesting part of the book that was left out or edited out of the movie was the code discovered in the number PI. Mathematics being a universal language, PI would be the same everywhere in the universe. Of course the code Carl Sagan writes about is fictional. But, what would you say if mathematicians discovered the number for PI coded into the original Hebrew text of the Bible in the word that means circumference. And the Hebrew word for circumference is spelled with an extra letter added on for no reason. And the actual number for the circumference in the text shows PI as being 3 (which is incorrect)... Paper #23 updated.

"So what!" you might say, "a strange coincidence" others may add. Both the Old and New Testament display many areas of these strange mathematical coincidences. At the turn of the century Dr. Ivan Panin discovered that the text itself was mathematically formatted. Harvard mathematicians trying to disprove Dr. Panin's findings were unable to come close to incorporating 30 mathematical multiples of 7 in any text they could produce as found in the Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1, despite their advanced mathematical abilities and access to computers Paper #50. These structures were not only limited to the Hebrew text of the Old Testament but Dr. Panin also discovered them throughout the original Greek text of the New Testament Paper #6.

A precise mathematical equation in Daniel prophesied the very day and year that Jesus presented himself as King Paper #20. Using the same equation on a prophecy from Ezekiel we find that Israel's 1948 rebirth was also prophesied. Paper #24. Now you and I know the Bible wasn't written after 1948. Both these prophecies can be found in the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the original Hebrew scriptures finished in 270 B.C. (three centuries before Jesus). There are original copies of the Septuagint around today.

How could the writer have known the exact day in the future? The information must come from a source that transcends our dimension of time. Physicists have now discovered that more dimensions exist then those that we experience Paper #11. Jesus even makes reference to the trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as being 3 in 1 an Entity who is simultaneously singular and plural. This is an absurdity in the context of just four dimensions of length, width, height, and time. But with more dimensions this becomes feasible and would be expected Paper #44. The Bible even mentions God as a plural being and yet God states through the Bible that there is only one God Paper #43.

One of the questions raised in the movie "Contact": If the universe is so large and life only existed on earth then everything else would just be a waste of space. What astronomers have discovered is that for life to exist the Universe has to have a certain mass for stars and galaxies to form Paper #13. It also has to have a certain balance between the effects of expansion and contraction which could not differ from equality by not more than 1 in 1060 Paper #76. In other words for life to exist in the Universe it has to be this large.

The new problem for science has become the age of the universe. For life to spontaneous generate, the universe must be older then tens of billions of years by many orders of magnitude Paper #2. To get around this problem some scientists theorized an oscillating universe in which an infinite amount of chances for life to begin, but this theory has been shown by recent discoveries to be false Paper #4.

What about life on Mars or Europa? Doesn't this show that life is predominant in the universe? Actually if we discover life on Mars or Europa it doesn't mean that it originated there Paper #7. Massive amounts of microscopic life are carried through the solar system from earth via the solar wind hitting the upper atmosphere. Science has discovered several microbial species have been able to survive the vacuum of space, the extreme temperatures and the radiation found in space. Meteorite strikes to earth will carry rocks from earth with life on it throughout the solar system. This process can also work the other way as may have happened with the mars meteorite Paper #8.

Well if we assume that life doesn't originate anywhere else what about genetic studies that show the natural evolution of species? A number of evolutionary biologists set out to prove evolution in the human species and were stunned by their findings Paper #1. Another researcher decided that the first study must be erroneous. This molecular biologist used more data for his research. His conclusions confirmed the first groups findings. A third group made up of geneticists studied even more data then the other studies in hope that they may find the evolutionary changes. Again their findings confirmed the other two papers and narrowed the origin of the first man to only tens of thousands of years ago Paper #5. More studies continued and these newer studies confirmed all the other studies and again narrowed the origin of the first man. What puzzled the researchers was the difference between the dates for the first woman and the first man Paper #78.

The main character in Contact raises the question "If there is a God why didn't he leave us a sign?" I would answer that questions with the reply, "The ground you stand on, the air you breath, the stars you see, the moon in the night and the Sun in the Day are all signs from God, but since the Creator also transcends time He knew that many would be blind to the creation so He left us with a book so that many could discover the truth in his word, but many would be blind to the truth in the book, so He went one step further and left signs and wonders throughout the book that would display the awesome nature of God."

Some ask, "What is God trying to say with these codes and hidden messages being discovered in the Bible". We should read only that this confirms the text of the Bible. The source behind the writers of the Bible was God. God transcends time and space. That the Creator of the universe is also the God of the Bible.

We have been Contacted, we are not alone, but you don't need a Radio Telescope or super computers to receive and decipher the message from this extraterrestrial and extra dimensional source. You only have to pick up a Bible and begin reading.

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